Handy Trader

Secure Login System – Two Factor Authentication

Guardian Asset Management is committed to protecting your online account and your account assets from fraudulent practices. The Secure Login System provides an extra layer of security to your account at no charge through the download and use of a free Handy Trader or Handy Trader application which is the digital security application designed for smartphones. Although it requires an extra step when logging into your account, the simple practice goes a long way toward protecting your account.

The Handy Trader application doubles as the mobile trading application and your Secure Login System and is available for Android and iOS devices. The Handy Trader application is also available for Android and iOS devices but does not have the ability for trading on a mobile device.

Consider this: if an Internet hacker or identity thief should somehow manage to obtain your G-TRADE username and password, they WILL NOT be able to access your account without physical possession of your Secure Login System security device or full access to your smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Which securities markets are available on G-Trade?
The United States, Canada and United Kingdom Securities markets are currently available
2. Do I require US$ to open a G-Trade Account?
Yes, you must fund your G-Trade account with US$. You can however purchase other currencies on GTrade with US$ to enable trading in the other non-USD markets
3. How do I open a G-Trade account?
Contact your GAM Private Wealth Manager or client service representative and complete the NonDiscretionary account opening process and supply all the required due diligence documentation
4. How long does it take for my account to be opened?
Once the application is completed and all the required documentation is supplied your G-Trade account will be opened within 5 business days
5. Can I trade immediately?
Once your G-Trade account is opened it must be funded either by a transfer of securities or a deposit of USD funds to the account before trades can be executed
6. What’s the minimum balance to open a G-Trade account?
A G-Trade account can be opened with US$5,000.00.
7. Is there a grace period in which to fund my G-Trade account?
Once your account is opened you have 45 calendar days to fund the account, if the time expires without a deposit made, the account will be closed
8. How do I fund my account?
Your account can be funded via:
Wire Transfer to your account at GAM
From securities transferred from another Brokerage Account in name of account holders For assistance your GAM Wealth Manager can be contacted to provide instructions on any of the above methods
9. Can GAM Trade on my behalf?
Yes, this will be considered a Broker Assisted trade. Please note however that there is a fee attached to any trade that GAM is required to execute on your behalf. (Please see fee schedule before considering this option). Trades for execution by GAM must be emailed on an excel template available from your Wealth Manager or client service representative
10. Can I trade first and arrange payment after?
No, accounts must be prefunded before executing trades
11. Where can I access information on my account with G-Trade?
You have access to all your information on the G-Trade platform, under the Account Management feature
12. Can I get margin/loan financing with G-Trade
Yes, margin financing is available and you are required to specifically request and agree to the Term and Conditions. See Schedule of Fees for Margin Interest Rate (Tiered)
13. Can I have a G-Trade account as a joint account?
Yes. Each holder can also have a separate login access to trade on the account
14. Can I perform Day Trading?
Yes, note however you have to have a minimum account of US$25,000 to prevent account being restricted for not meeting the pattern day trader rules
15. Are there fees associated with G-Trade?
Yes, there are fees associated with G-Trade which are outlined here: Fees